Proker: a fun GTD project from 2011

Proker is a personal project from 2011 and actually my first ever mobile app design about getting things done with the help of Gamification.

Do you remember the iPhone 5? It was lit!

Task management, often is a matter of control.

People are searching for ways to gain back control. They want to define what they spend their time on without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things they have to get done.

But then many task management tools make you feel as if they take control over you. Long lists can be intimidating and maintaining complex GTD systems is time consuming. Proker offers a different approach. I wanted people to feel like they’re in charge of their actions. Finishing tasks is rewarded and users learn to differentiate and validate tasks by characteristics like benefits versus expenses or importance versus urgency. Users will learn about their intrinsic motivations and identify obstructive patterns.

Have some fun, maybe?

Users unlock a number of productivity tools over time. Like a whimsical pomodoro timer, inspiring quotes journal, bucket list bin, personal development questionnaire and much more. All these well known tools have been decorated with a touch of black humour and stitched into a complex rewarding system.

All for the sake of getting users like you (and me for sure) motivated. Performing daily tasks isn’t just about gettings things done. If you want to move steadily towards more distant goals, you have to join in a game of personal growth. Proker will help you to set up this new mindset.


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