This is Lucy. She started as a total fail.

Lucy is a concept I quickly jotted down for a trial day at an agency. The task was to imagine some kind of personal assistant and to UX design the fulfillment of a specific task. I felt completely off canvas and really wasn’t happy with my result. However, I took the initial idea of Lucy and continued to built a short video demo to process the unpleasant experience of that day.

If Lucy is such a failure, why do I even bother to show it?

I think it is important to have a clear attitude towards failure. We are never perfect. And I tend to become quite irrational when thinking about my work, to an extend where I’m almost overwhelmed by doubt and fear of failure. Probably, that’s part of this creative profession. Over time, I gained more confidence in my abilities, but still there are moments in which I hit a wall and want to stay under the blankets for a day or two. And it’s fine. Let’s reframe it as internal quality assurance. It does not make sense to settle for something too fast. In that sense, we have to let failure be and start all over again. Anyway, it was not Lucy’s fault. She is just trying to do her job in the kindest way possible. ✌️


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