A health monitoring app that allows users to document and reflect on their mental and physical state.

Your personal coach generates suggestions that are perfectly tuned to your individual health situation and the circumstances of each day.

Thinking outside the box

The development of this app is based on a novel field of basic scientific research, aiming to better understand how the human brain copes with the challenges of the modern world.

triggering future self continuity


I was involved in the early concept phase, primarily as a user experience and visual designer. My job was to make the vision understandable and prepare it for presentations. The design of the app architecture also fell into my responsibility, in close coordination with the neuro-scientists and technical team.

The most important aspect of my work was motivational design, creating a joyful und fun experience so that health tracking through the app would not be a boring task. I came up with a content concept to inspire the user to take action.


Extending Nature

Assumption: To the extent that people feel more continuity between their present and future selves, they are more likely to make decisions with the future self in mind.


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