Let’s talk

1 I’m busy for the next 6 months, talk in 2020!

2 Let’s just fail and repeat.

I’m your designer(1) if you’re on a mission to create a world that’s thoughtful, considered and aesthetically pleasing. I don´t believe in design rockstars and creative quick-fix solutions(2).

I prefer working on a project basis, from start to finish, from first sketches to launch. I am also a great supporting designer, I can implement style guides clean and swiftly while keeping a good eye for the overall picture and asking one or two critical questions. I enjoy intense design sprints and love building micro interactions and high fidelity click dummies in Flinto, Principle or ProtoPie.

Maybe you can think of even more fun stuff for me to do 😃 I’m quite open to creative experiments, as long as there’s some good coffee involved.
If you formally want to extend some info, do not hesitate to write to hey@leadelazer.de. Otherwise hop over to LinkedIn to connect. Quick.

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